“I couldn’t make friends because of rumors”… SISTAR member Soyou makes a sad confession

Soyou, a former member of girl group SISTAR, mentioned rumors.

On the broadcast of new entertainment program “Not Staycation, but Starcation”, which is co-produced by MBN and ENA PLAY, on May 23rd, Soyou had a sincere conversation with actress Ye Ji-won and recalled her memories.


Mentioning that worked as a member of SISTAR since she was 20 years old, Soyou recalled, “Looking back on that time, all I knew was work”. When Soyou said, “You know that idols only practice and have to weigh themselves all the time, don’t you?”, Ye Ji-won replied “Yes”.


Soyou surprised everyone when she said, “Among girl groups, we are widely known to have a healthy image but during our debut days, we were all skinny. I weighed only about 49kg.” She added, “I got caught eating secretly in the bathroom many times. The company gave each of us a diet diary and we had to record everything we ate even a spoon of rice.” She continued to explain, “Later I started to make my body look healthy, and SISTAR also did well at that time. All the members trained and built muscles so we became a group with a healthy image.”


Unfortunately, rumors arose because of SISTAR’s strong image. Soyou shared, “There were many strange rumors, such as getting hit by SISTAR or having a fight with SISTAR”, adding, “We have never done such things. There was one that said SISTAR members had such a big fight that even shook the van. We actually didn’t move in a van.”


In particular, Soyou expressed her frustration, saying, “Due to our strong image, many seniors hurt us with their jokes. We were once asked things like ‘I heard you go to clubs?’. I really didn’t go there, but they just said it as a joke. I didn’t go to clubs because our company banned it. But even if it’s a joke, it’s still a false statement. It might become a misleading fact and our company might think it’s true.”


Soyou confessed, “I wondered if many people were scared of us”, adding, “I couldn’t make any friends for three years after my debut. I thought everyone hated me.”

Source: Nate

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