“K-girl group with no Koreans?” Current status of the all non-Korean girl group Black Swan 

K-pop girl group “Black Swan” switched to a four-member system.

Recently, Black Swan‘s agency DR Music announced that Gabi and Sriya, who were in the first generation of “Cygnus Project”, joined the group.

At the same time, Youngheun and Judy decided to graduate.

Currently, Black Swan consists of Belgian leader Fatou, Brazilian-Japanese Leia, German Gabi and Indian Sriya.

It is the first K-pop idol group to have both white and black members.

Black Swan’s leader Fatou is the first K-pop idol to be pure black, not mixed.

Sriya, who joined as a new member, became the first K-pop idol to have Indian citizenship.

Black Swan is showing great interest in overseas K-pop fandoms such as Brazil.

Brazilian K-pop fans are also responding passionately to the fact that Leia is the first Brazilian to debut in a K-pop girl group.

Is Black Swan the first K-pop group in history to consist of only foreign members?

Black Swan may be the only K-pop group currently active, but it is not the first.

Although it is a project group for a master’s thesis, the four-member K-pop boy group EXP EDITION was active from 2017 to 2020.

Although they were not able to perform properly, Z-GIRLS and Z-BOYS, which consist of only foreign members, also debuted under “Zenith Media” in 2019.

Source: insight

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