Park Ha Sun gets emotional during broadcast, explaining rumors of a conflict with husband Ryu Soo Young

Actress Park Ha Sun expressed affection for her husband Ryu Soo Young on “Myeongdong Love Room”.

The broadcast of ENA’s “Myeongdong Love Room” on March 23rd showed a group meeting of 16 people from season 3.

park ha sun

On that day, the MCs spent time reading the notes that the 16 participants wrote to convey their feelings beforehand.

While reading Han Mi Reu’s letter, which said, “I’m upset that I only spent a short time of just one night and two days with you”, Park Ha Sun drew attention as she commented, “I think I’m going to cry.”

In fact, as Park Ha Sun looked emotional, Chae Jung An asked, “What kind of character are you right now?”, as she couldn’t hide her confusion. In response, Park Ha Sun said, “Can’t you feel my sincerity? It’s so heart-fluttering”, drawing laughter.

park ha sun

To this, Seo Jang-hoon asked, “Is there something going on at home?” and Yang Se-chan asked, “What’s been going on these days?” while pressing Park Ha-sun.

Park Ha-sun explained, “I’m doing very well and I’m happy. I’m also making good money,” revealing her love for her husband, Ryu Soo-young.

Seo Jang Hoon then questioned Park Ha Sun, “Is there any problem at home?”. Yang Se Chan added, “I guess something has happened recently”, urging Park Ha Sun to answer.

Park Ha Sun explained, “He’s doing very well and we’re happy. He’s also making lots of money”, showing her love for her husband Ryu Soo Young.

Meanwhile, Park Ha Sun married actor Ryu Soo Young in 2017 and has one daughter.

Source: Nate

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