Zheng Shuang releases a clip of her ex on his knee, admitting to cheating accusation

The exposure is seen as a response to the ongoing attacks from Zhang Heng against his ex. 

On March 25th, QQ reported that Zheng Shuang recently posted of Zhang Heng committing an affair during their dating. The clip showed Zhang Heng getting caught red-handed with another woman. 

In the video, Zhang Heng was on his knees and answered the interrogation of his girlfriend. Zhang Heng was not sober and exhibited unusual behaviors. When his girlfriend asked for a breakup, Zhang Heng admitted to his wrongs and started rolling on the ground for forgiveness. He even tore his clothes to pressure his girlfriend. 

Zheng Shuang
Zhang Heng was on his knees and tore his clothes when he was confronted by Zheng Shuang. (Image: Sina) 

According to QQ, the clip was a response from Zheng Shuang to her ex after his constant accusation and evidence provision regarding the actress’ supposed morals such as child abuse or tax evasion. The exposure cost Zheng Shuang her whole career and was deemed a “stain” of Chinese showbiz.

Zheng Shuang

Some news sources stated that Zheng Shuang is holding a video described to be so “ground-breaking” she will release it if Zhang Heng crosses the line. The ongoing back-and-forth has dragged on for 2 years, during which Zhang Heng has been more proactive in exposing his ex. Currently, the former couple is living in the U.S. to win custody over their children. The result remains unknown. The couple has their two children through a surrogate. 

Source: Zing News 

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