Former TREASURE Mashiho opens Instagram account, thanks fans on his birthday

Mashiho Takata, a former member of YG boy group TREASURE, opens an Instagram account on his birthday. 

On March 25th, Mashiho Takata, a former member of boy group TREASURE, published his first post on the Instagram account @mshtkt_tm.


In particular, the male idol uploaded a white image, along with a long caption in 3 languages, including Japanese, Korean, and English, which reads:

“To Everyone who supports me

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far.

I really do appreciate from the bottom of my heart. And I apologize for any inconvenience and concerns by my sudden announcement during last November.

However, I‘m grateful for watching over me warmly and waiting for me despite the situation.

From now on, I want to try my best to return the favor for everyone who has supported me so far, and hopefully it could be part of everyone’s happiness.

I’ll keep trying and be strong to deliver my thoughts and heart to everyone someday.

Thank you again for your support and warm heart.

2023 3/25

Mashiho Takata”

It is known that the Instagram post was made on Mashiho’s birthday, which caused a lot of fans to get emotional. As a result, many people left comments such as, “Thank you for being in my life, let’s always stay healthy”, “It is your birthday yet you decided to give us a gift like this”, and “I miss you so much”. 


On the other hand, Mashiho officially debuted under YG Entertainment with the boy group TREASURE in 2020. However, in November 2022, he was announced to have departed from TREASURE after taking a hiatus due to his health conditions. 

Source: Instagram

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