Jin’s vocal skills once again became a point of discussion at the Japanese FNS Music Festival

On the 14th, BTS appeared in the ‘2021 FNS Summer Song Festival’ held by a famous Japanese music broadcaster – Fuji TV, and performed ‘Butter’ on stage.

Jin matched a light-toned blonde-brown hairstyle with a sleeveless t-shirt, a yellow shirt, and brightly saturated jeans to create a perfect and beautiful stage with a fresh and refreshing atmosphere.

The opening of ‘Butter‘ begins with a visual close-up of the gorgeous ‘World Wide Handsome’. Again, Jin gave an opening by staring at the camera with his bright, clear, and limpid eyes. He showed a splendid dance performance with powerful yet accurate, detailed choreography, groovy moves, flexible and accurate dynamic control, displaying solid live skills without shaking, solidifying his position as ‘Live King’.

In every live performance, Jin’s excellent delivering lyrics’ emotion and iconic vocal ability amazed all the viewers and professional critics.

Tetris Kelly, a Billboard news host and also the host of the Billboard Music Awards, praised Jin’s vocals, “Jin’s vocals had to be discussed” and “Jin’s vocals were iconic.”

Jin's vocal skills once again became a point of discussion at the Japanese FNS Music Festival

After the FNS stage in Japan was released through BANGTANTV, Jin’s real name ‘seokjin’ became a real-time trend in several countries such as Ecuador, Russia, Greece, Singapore, and Peru.

On the other hand, right after the broadcast, on Twitter in Japan, posts asking who wore the yellow shirt and tank tops flooded all over the social media, proving Jin’s unrivaled fame and angel-like looking once again.

It’s axiomatic that music lovers around the world have hot reactions to his iconic vocals, excellent breathing control, and eye-catching performance.

Now, when the attention is focused on whether ‘Permission to dance’ will take the place of ‘Butter’, which has been at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks, vocal of Jin, who filled the chorus “Dananana” with his refreshing voice, once again became the topic of conversation.

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