BTS V, lover’s help for Jennie… Attend BLACKPINK’s private listening party

V set out actively for his lover Jennie.

Ahead of the release of the 2nd full album “BORN PINK” at 1 PM on Sep 16th, BLACKPINK held a Private Listening Party at a complex cultural space in Seongsu-dong, Seoul two days ago.

The private listening party is literally a place to listen to BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album for those who were invited. Famous domestic actors, singers and celebrities gathered together. Jennie‘s man, V, was also there.

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Although the two do not acknowledge, it is publicly known that they are in a romantic relationship due to constant dating rumors and the leakage of private photos full of affection. This is the first time that V and Jennie have openly hung out with other people in one space. Of course, the party was as crowded as BLACKPINK’s overflowing popularity, and V kept his seat. He enjoyed the event by acting naturally rather than being conscious of people around him.

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V and Jennie’s first dating rumor began with a photo taken on Jeju Island. Afterwards, hacked photos were ruthlessly leaked. Recently, after leaving for New York with a difference of one day, they uploaded photos of similar places around the same time. Although fans are worried about privacy leakage, both sides remain silent.

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Moreover, when we asked both sides regarding the private listening party, one side replied that they were not aware of the party.

Source: daum

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