Choi Ye-na took her brother’s cleaning for granted, saying she gave him allowances and bought him expensive gifts 

Choi Ye-na, an ex-member from IZ*ONE, and her brother Choi Sung-min showed their extremely different tendencies in organizing things.

The latest episode of MBC’s “DNA Mate,” which aired on August 16th, showed Choi Ye-na‘s daily life at home with her brother Choi Sung-min.

Choi Sung-min, who woke up at 9 a.m. that day, was dizzy when he saw the traces of Choi Ye-na’s mess from the previous night as soon as he walked out to the living room.

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On the table in the living room, cans of finished drinks and bottled water were scattered, and on the sofa were worn clothes and items of Choi Ye-na.

As if he was used to seeing his younger sister being unorganized, Choi Sung-min sighed and cleaned everything one by one.

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Choi Ye-na woke up earlier than Choi Sung-min, but she didn’t come out of her room. Instead, she lied down and enjoyed playing games on her phone.

Choi Ye-na quickly turned off the lights and pretended to sleep when Choi Sung-min, who was cleaning, called her.

In the end, Choi Sung-min woke Choi Ye-na up and dragged her out to the living room, saying, “Even if I had already cleaned everything up, it’s messy again overnight. How should I feel about this when I have to start my day with housework,” he said.

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Choi Yena replied, “That’s why I bought you shoes. I bought you expensive things that you wanted,” she said at once, turning Choi Sung-min quiet.

Confused by Choi Ye-na’s triumphant attitude, Choi Sung-min thought for a while and said, “Thank you. I will work harder,” drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Choi Ye-na and Choi Sung-min have always boasted a special friendship to the point where they are said to be unrealistic siblings.

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Choi Sung-min actively helped Choi Ye-na’s dance practice or took care of her, showing his affectionate brother side, while Choi Ye-na also gave Choi Sung-min her card directly for him to use as allowance money, surprising everyone.

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