“Preparation is complete”… BLACKPINK reveals confidence ahead of full comeback 

The group BLACKPINK expressed confidence about their new album.

BLACKPINK will release its second full-length album “BORN PINK” at 1 p.m. (KST) on the 16th. The album includes a total of 8 songs: the title track “Shut Down”, “Pink Venom”, “Typa Girl”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, “Hard to Love”, “The Happiest Girl”, and “Ready for Love”.


As it is a comeback with a full group after about two years, the expectations of the members are exceptional. BLACKPINK is determined to show a more sophisticated style through the new album. Regarding the title song ‘Shut Down’, Lisa said, “I was convinced that BLACKPINK was well exposed and that it was the kind of music that BLACKPINK could express well.”

The following is the full text of BLACKPINK’s Q&A.

It’s your second full-length album. It’s about to be revealed. How do you feel?

Lisa: “As it is an album that I worked hard on for a long time, I am very excited. Since the pre-release song ‘Pink Venom’ was liked and enjoyed by so many people, we were also excited. Thanks to this, we were able to come back with a good sense of tension. I want to repay the fans more, so I’m curious about the fans’ reactions. When the album comes out, I think the first thing I’ll look for is the fans’ reaction.”


How was the process of working on your 2nd album?

Jennie: “As always, working with the members was fun. From the beginning of the concept meeting to the last moment of recording, new ideas continued to pour in. By examining each other’s thoughts and feelings in more detail, we were able to bring out something deep inside. We exchanged feedback with each other and realized that the four of us shine the most when we are together. Above all, it was so reassuring and fun to work with YG producers who know us well. I am very satisfied because it seems to be filled with works created by sharing musical synergy.


What is your first impression of the title song “Shut Down”?

Lisa: “We all gathered in the recording studio and listened to the demo song together. As the intro started, all the members seemed to just stare at each other without saying anything. Through each other’s eyes, we were saying, ‘This is the title song!’ While listening, I naturally imagine the performance. That’s how much we were convinced that BLACKPINK was well-represented and that it was the kind of music that BLACKPINK could express well.”

Please introduce the title song “Shut Down”

Jennie: “Shut Down” is a song that takes Black Pink’s steady charisma to the next level. The harmony of classic and trendy hip-hop beats is impressive and has a new and addictive charm. The point choreography of ‘Shut Down’ intuitively seems to be a fun factor as well. I hope that the emotions and thrills we felt for the first time can be conveyed to everyone who listens to the music.” 

What should we focus on in the music video of the title song “Shut Down”?

Jisoo: “The set reminiscent of ‘Shut Down’, the hip props, and the overall strong atmosphere of the styling went well with the music.If you watch the music video carefully, BLACKPINK’s existing hits are hidden everywhere.You will be able to see us acting freely in it, so please look forward to it.”

jisoo blackpink shut down

This is your second full-length album. Compared to the first full-length album “THE ALBUM”, what is the new part that you tried or focused on the most?

Rosé: “If ‘The Album’ focused solely on music, this album tried to express the essence of BLACKPINK like its title ‘BORN PINK’. We tried to protect BLACKPINK’s original identity. Using a basis of hip hop sound, we combine various genres and repeat endless variations while focusing on expressing the unique color of BLACKPINK. I am certain that the music of ‘BLACKPINK’ is something I have never seen before, and I never expected them in my ingenious imagination. All the members were especially confident while making this album. That’s how well we prepared.”

rose blackpink shut down

Pre-release songs, full-length albums, and world tours. I’m sure you’re very busy these days. For the fans who are looking forward to BLACKPINK’s performance, if you can give a world tour spoiler?

Rosé: “We are busy, but it’s also very rewarding. Seeing our fans who are happy whenever the things we’ve prepared are released one by one, it gives me strength and makes me feel like I’m getting energy back. There will be many stages that will be unveiled for the first time in this concert. It’s been a while since our last world tour, so all the members and staff are working hard to prepare. BLINK! See you soon! I miss you.”


Lisa: “It has been a while since the last world tour! My excitement is growing day by day at the thought of meeting BLINKs around the world. There are a lot of changes because I keep trying new things I want to show, so I can’t pick which to tell you right now, but I’m preparing a nice stage that you will miss and look forward to, as well as new stages that you can’t even imagine. So, I hope you will come and see it with your own eyes and enjoy it. Before that, though, please listen to the full album a lot and memorize it all!”

Source: Daum

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