Kim Jun-su went on a blind date with a senior 15 years older than him, “My feelings tend to down if the other pushes and pulls too much”

Kim Jun-su had a blind date with Hwang Seok-jung and expressed his honest thoughts on dating.

Episode 32 of Channel A’s “Groom Class”, which aired on September 14th, showed Kim Jun-su’s first blind date with Hwang Seok-jung, which was arranged by Park Hae-mi, and the 100th-day date of Mo Tae-beom and Im Sa-rang. In addition, Shin Bong-sun also went on an arcade date with Im Sa-rang’s male friend – ballerino Kim Hee-hyun, giving the viewers excitement.

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First, Lee Seung-cheol said, “(Kim) Chan-woo got married. The host was Jang Dong-geun”, mentioning the news of Kim Chan-woo, who became the first man in ‘Groom Class’ to get married. In the meantime, Lee Seung-cheol said, “Chanwoo started, so we are No.2!”. In the video that followed, Kim Jun-su met Park Hae-mi, his senior in the musical industry. As Kim Jun-su confessed, “I’m nervous because many people around me already got married”, Park Hae-mi arranged a blind date right away.

After a while, Hwang Seok-jung, Kim Jun-su’s first blind date partner, surprised everyone as she appeared with a flowerpot and poured out spicy talks from the beginning. She said, “I did skinship for the first time at the age of 27”, drawing laughter with her honest confession. 

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While talking about memories of their school days, Hwang Seok-jung said, “I entered college in 2989”. Upon hearing this, Kim Jun-su said, “I was born in 1987, around that time”, making everyone burst into laughter. The cast made Kim Jun-su feel dizzy as they commented, “The age difference is 15 years? That’s perfect”. Kim Jun-su, who was into the conversation with Hwang Seok-jung, said, “My feelings tend to down if the other pushes and pulls too much. I like girls who move with me”.

Mo Tae-beom went on a date with his lover Im Sa-rang. As the two went to make couple rings in celebration of their 100th anniversary, they decided to engrave the initials of ‘You Are My Everything’ on the ring. Later, the couple participated in a “love test”. After checking the questionnaire, Mo Tae-beom was very surprised. First when asked to describe the taste of their first kiss, Im Sa-rang replied, “Sweet chocolate”, while Mo Tae-beom laughed and said, “It tasted like fresh lemon”.

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Next, the two were asked what they would do if they bumped into their ex-lovers working at the restaurant they stopped by on a date. Mo Tae-beom said, “I will pretend I didn’t see my ex and just enjoy the meal”, making Im Sa-rang angry. In addition, the couple gave opposite answers when asked about their opinion on living together before marriage. Mo Tae-beom said, “I like it since we will have time to get to know each other more”, and other ‘grooms’ Kim Jun-su, Park Tae-hwan also agreed. However, Im Sa-rang replied, “It can’t happen until we get married”. Later, the two wrapped up their romantic date by putting the rings on each other’s fingers.

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Shin Bong-sun had her second meeting with Kim Hee-hyun, who is 7 years younger than her. Earlier, the two met for the first time through Mo Tae-beom and Im Sa-rang then drew attention as they expressed interest in each other. Shin Bong-sun and Kim Hee-hyun, who had been in touch every day since their first meeting, shared an umbrella, forming a warm atmosphere from the beginning of their date. While moving in the car, Shin Bong-sun asked, “We haven’t seen each other for three weeks, did you miss me?”, Kim Hee-hyun said, “I’m seeing you now…”. 

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After arriving at the arcade, Shin Bong-sun suggested playing some games together. While playing games, the two had some physical interactions, making Kim Jun-su, Mo Tae-beom and Park Tae-hwan shout out of excitement. The couple also entered a coin karaoke room and sang a duet of the song “All For You”. “Let’s come here one more time!”, the two promised, raising the viewers’ expectations for their future dates.

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