G-Dragon owns an apartment worth 16.4 billion won… Annual management costs alone are 13 million won

BIGBANG G-Dragon once again drew attention with his ultra-high-priced apartment purchased for 16.4 billion won.

Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI News Show“, which aired on Sep 14th, covered the “Record renewal! K-pop Best” chart.

G-Dragon ranked first on the chart. “TMI News Show” focused on the apartment G-Dragon bought in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

tmi news show

“TMI News Show” introduced that the apartment purchased by G-Dragon has a parking lot and elevators exclusively for residents, making it a place where privacy protection is thorough. There are also swimming pool, bicycle storage, screen golf course and wine warehouse that can only be used by residents.

The program also pointed out that the related management costs of the apartment exceeded 13 million won, and that the lease price rose by about 6 billion won over 7 months from December last year to August this year.

tmi news show

Besides, “TMI News Show” revealed G-Dragon’s purchase price. The program reported that G-Dragon purchased the apartment for 16.4 billion won this year. Regarding this, MC Boom explained, “As of June this year, this is the highest purchase price of an apartment ever. G-Dragon paid 16.4 billion won in cash without a loan.”

“TMI News Show” also unveiled some of the prices of luxury items inside G-Dragon’s house. According to the report, G-Dragon is using a mirror worth 12 million won and a shelf worth 71 million won.

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