Netizens Reacted to Ahn Bo-hyun Refusing to Visit a Maid Cafe with Friend 

Recently, on the YouTube channel KwakTube, a video featuring actor Ahn Bo-hyun was published. In the video, KwakTube can be seen pressuring Ahn Bo-hyun to visit a maid cafe with him. 

In particular, KwakTube entered first, then constantly gestured for Ahn Bo-hyun to come inside. However, Ahn Bo-hyun showed an uncomfortable expression and continuously refused to come inside. 

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Despite this, KwakTube insisted, even refusing Ahn Bo-hyun’s offer to pay for coffee at another place. 

In the end, the video switches to the two standing outside after Ahn Bo-hyun’s refusal, making it unclear whether the two entered or not. 

The video has since received mixed reactions from netizens, with comments on KwakTube’s channel being mostly positive. In particular, most find Ahn Bo-hyun’s shy expression and action of holding the door and refusing to go inside cute. 

However, on the Korean forum “theqoo”, the comments showed a completely different atmosphere. In particular, while Ahn Bo-hyun himself wasn’t criticized, KwakTube did not receive many positive comments. According to the Korean netizens, maid cafe is an indecent service, can male to frequents these places are problematic

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • The fact that KwakTube frequents maid cafes… I don’t want to continue watching his videos anymore. Taking an active actor to a place like that is f*ckin inconsiderate 
  • Maid cafes are adult entertainment establishments. 
  • The illustrations on the door looked weird as hell. No one sane will want to enter. Ahn Bo-hyun probably thought the same 
  • KwakTube doesn’t have anything to lose, so this probably doesn’t matter to him, but Ahn Bo-hyun has a whole career to protect, so of course he refused to enter. What the heck was in KwakTube’s mind when he tried to force Ahn Bo-hyun to enter?
  • This was annoying… There are literally numerous regular cafes. Why would KwakTube force Ahn Bo Hyun to visit that one, specifically. Celebrities have their reputation to protect

Source: Krb, theqoo

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