TXT’s Yeonjun Apologized to Criticism about His Group’s Encore Stage 

As TXT received criticism for the group’s recent encore stage of “Deja Vu”, Yeonjun stepped up to apologize. 

Boy group TXT (Tomorrow x Together) recently made their comeback with the title song “Deja Vu”, and is currently doing promotional activities for the song. On April 11, they placed 1st on the music show “M! Countdown”, and got the chance to perform an encore stage for fans. 

This stage, however, started to receive criticisms from netizens on the Korean forum “theqoo”. 

Below are some of the comments: 

  • Is this really the best they can do? Everyone is a bit off-key 
  • Excluding Huening Kai, I don’t think you can call this encore stage “decent”
  • It seems that the expectations for idol’s live singing are at an all-time low. Isn’t the most basic requirement for being an idol to be able to sing? 

At the same time, there are also some who defend TXT, pointing out that the boy group had a schedule in Japan until late at night and had to rush back to Korea for “M! Countdown” filming, Thus, TXT were simply not in their best shape. 

A similar message was even published on the fan communication platform Weverse, and ended up capturing the attention of TXT’s Yeonjun. 

In particular, Yeonjun responded to the post defending TXT by admitting that he did a bad job and promising to do better. 

“(The defense about being exhausted) are all just excuses and I did a bad job (laughs). MOAs (fandom of TXT), I will do better when we get to do the encore again.Thank you so much for first place!”, Yeunjun said, adding, “My live vocals were really bad today” and “I feel very touched”. 

Yeonjun’s mature attitude, especially as other HYBE groups came under fire for “disastrous encores”, has impressed many fans and non-fans alike. 

Source: Krb, theqoo

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