“The Golden Spoon” Yook Sung Jae: born extremely rich yet work fervently and live humbly

Idol-actor Yook Sung Jae, who starred in the K-drama “The Golden Spoon”, never ceased to work hard, despite being born with a “silver spoon”

As an idol and actor Yook Sung Jae easily steals heart with his sweet voice and outstanding acting skills. He is also often regarded as an “all-rounder” for excelling in all realms he tried out. 

Recently, Yook Sung Jae starred in the K-drama “The Golden Spoon”, and drew attention for his natural portrayal. His background of being born to a wealthy family has also become the talk of town. 

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In particular, the idol-actor was born in 1995 with a silver spoon. His father is the CEO of a famous conglomerate, which specializes in producing electronics parts. On top of this, Sung Jae’s grandfather is the first to import Koi fish in Korea, while his grandmother owns a farm that expands to almost 40,000 meters square. 

Yook Sung Jae’s sister, who went to study abroad, graduated with a master degree from a university in New York city. Meanwhile, his uncle runs a famous furniture company in Korea. 

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Yook Sung Jae

Despite having such an outstanding background, Yook Sung Jae never ceased to work hard, and had to go through a tough training period before debuting. He also never brag about his wealth, and instead keeps things low to protect his non-celebrity family. 

The personality of the idol-actor also received a lot of praise. As of the moment, Yook Sung Jae enjoys huge popularity while remaining scandal-free, and never utilized his wealth as an excuse to not work hard. 

Yook Sung Jae

In addition, Yook Sung Jae has shown talents in various different fields, going from variety shows, hosting, singing, to acting. He always shows a happy and bright energy as well as immense passion in all things he does. 

Source: k14

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