3 scenarios Kim Hee Sun turned down fell into Song Hye Kyo’s hands… Fortunately, Kim Hee Sun’s career is not inferior to her junior

Thanks to this big sister who repeatedly turned down roles, Song Hye Kyo got the drama of a lifetime.

It is no exaggeration to say that the one who contributed to bringing Song Hye Kyo to the top was the first-generation Hallyu goddess – “Korean beauty icon” Kim Hee Sun. In other words, Kim Hee Sun is known as a “super rejector”. During her career, she has ignored a series of blockbuster scenarios. Among them, there are 3 scenarios she rejected that fell into Song Hye Kyo‘s hands: Autumn in My Heart, Guardian Angel and All In.

Kim Hee-sun

At the time of refusing Autumn in My Heart, Kim Hee Sun was already a familiar name, being the youngest actress in Korean history to receive Daesang (grand prize) at the age of 21 in 1998. It can be said that accepting or not accepting Autumn in My Heart had no effect on Kim Hee Sun‘s glorious career. Song Hye Kyo‘s case was different. Before this drama, she only played supporting roles or main roles in works that were poorly known. Thanks to the opportunity to take on the main role in Autumn in My Heart, Song Hye Kyo became an A-list star, a goddess who helped spread Hallyu to all over Asia. If that year Song Hye Kyo was not given the chance with Autumn in My Heart, nobody can be sure what she will be like now.

Song Hye kyo

The two scenarios that Song Hye Kyo later received from Kim Hee Sun were Guardian Angel and All In. Although they were not popular, they also helped Song Hye Kyo prove her position. Therefore, calling Kim Hee Sun Song Hye Kyo‘s patron saint is probably not an exaggeration.

Song Hye Kyo is quite close with her senior Kim Hee Sun
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