“My Dearest” Namgoong Min Takes the Lead in Drama Actor Popularity Rankings, Surpassing Nana and Go Yoon Jung 

The popularity rankings for the fourth week of August in the combined TV-OTT drama category have been announced. 

As of August 29th, Namgoong Min, the leading actor of MBC’s “My Dearest,” claimed 1st place in the “Top 10 Most Talked-About Drama Actors.” 

Following Namgoong Min, in second place was Ahn Eun Jin from MBC’s “My Dearest,” in third place was Ryu Seung Ryong from Disney+ series “Moving,” in fourth place was Nana from Netflix’s “Mask Girl,” and in fifth place was Go Yoon Jung from Disney+ series “Moving.”

nam goong min

In episode 8 that aired on August 26th, the heart-wrenching sobbing of Yoo Gil Chae (played by Ahn Eun Jin) brought tears to viewers as Lee Jang Hyun (played by Namgoong Min) faced a life-threatening crisis. Towards the end of the episode, believing that Lee Jang Hyun had died, Yoo Gil Chae held onto the fur vest he had given her during the war and sobbed inconsolably.

The next day, Yoo Gil Chae climbed up the mountain, holding the fur vest given by Lee Jang Hyun and calling his name three times. This was her belief that the dead might come back to life. Episode 8 ended with Yoo Gil Chae’s tearful plea, endlessly calling out Lee Jang Hyun’s name.


The drama “My Dearest” achieved a rating of 10.3% (based on Nielsen Korea nationwide) in its 8th episode, which aired on August 19th. Following a 10.6% viewership for episode 7, it has continued its success with consecutive episodes achieving 10% or higher.

“My Dearest” is a total of 20 episodes, divided into two parts of 10 episodes each. The final episode of Part 1 aired on the 3rd. Part 2 is scheduled for October.

The accompanying ranking of the Top 10 Most Talked-About Drama TV-OTT included Disney+ series “Moving” in first place, Netflix’s “Mask Girl” in second, and MBC’s “My Dearest” in third.

Source: Wikitree

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