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(G)I-DLE Minnie and Miyeon ask the production team to “keep them away from Yuqi”…Why? (Amazing Saturday)

It was revealed that (G)I-DLE Minnie and Miyeon asked the “Amazing Saturday” production team to keep them away from Yuqi.

(G)I-DLE Miyeon, Minnie and Yuqi appeared as guests on the May 27th broadcast of tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday”.

MC Boom said that Minnie made 2 requests to the production team. He shared, “One, let her sit next to Key. She wants to do well next to a Korean senior who is good at dictation. Two, let Yuqi sit far away from her.


When Yuqi reacted angrily “Why?“, Minnie made everyone laugh by saying, “Yuqi is stubborn.

When Boom asked Miyeon “Is your seat okay?“, Miyeon surprised everyone by replying, “It’s so nice. I also asked to be separated from Yuqi.

At Miyeon’s words, Yuqi got angry again, saying, “How far do you want? Sis, go over there.

Miyeon explained why she asked to be separated from Yuqi, “Yuqi does give a lot of information. I’m so thankful, but I’m discouraged.

Boom agreed, “Those born on September 23rd have good energy. On the other hand, people next to them lose confidence.” Key caused laughter by saying, “We don’t have to put up with the right words, right?

Source: Daum

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