“Running Man” Haha “IVE Jang Won Young is pretty and has a good personality…There’s nothing she can’t do”

Singer-broadcaster Haha (Ha Dong Hoon) mentioned IVE, who appeared on SBS’ “Running Man”.

Haha conducted a real-time broadcast through the Internet broadcasting platform “Twitch” on Jan 9th.

On this day, Haha said, “IVE came out (on ‘Running Man‘) today. It’s really crazy.

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He shared his thoughts, “Everyone is so pretty. I thought, ‘If my daughter grows up, can she grow up like IVE?’

Haha joked, “The youngest member Leeseo is 17 years old. She’s so cute. I heard Leeseo’s mom was born in 1980. Do you know that I was born in 1979? I thought it’d have been possible if I had had a child sooner.

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Haha praised Jang Won Young, “And Won Young hasn’t graduated yet. It was absolutely amazing. She’s pretty and has a good personality. There’s nothing she can’t do. How did she grow up so well? I heard she studied well, and she’s also humble. She’s a little taller than me.

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Furthermore, Haha revealed, “Won Young came to me during the break and asked, ‘You lived in Dongbu Ichon-dong, right?’ I answered, ‘That’s right.’ Then Won Young said that she was from the same neighborhood. She knew all my history.

Finally, Haha talked about how he felt after seeing IVE members, “I wondered if my children could set their dreams early like IVE. IVE grew up very well. We shared a lot of stories, such as IVE members’ stress and pressure from achieving their dreams so quickly. I don’t know if all of those stories were captured on camera. I hope you’ll watch the show.

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Meanwhile, IVE participated in the recording of “Running Man” on Jan 9th, and this recording is scheduled to air on Jan 29th.

IVE will hold their first fan concert “The Prom Queens” at Olympic Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul on Feb 11th~12th.

Source: Wikitree

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