“My first daughter has drooping eyelid and slow language development”… Sunye confessed her worries and asked for advice from Dr. Oh Eun-young 

Former Wonder Girls member Sunye will appear on “Dr. Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center”.

Sunye’s concerns will be revealed on the new broadcast of Channel A’s “Dr. Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center”, which is scheduled to air at 9:30 p.m on September 2nd.

Before her counseling session started, Sunye revealed that she was encouraged to visit Dr. Oh Eun-young’s counseling center after watching the episode featuring WINNER’s Song Min-ho, raising the viewers’ curiosity about her real concerns.

At the young age of 25, Sunye stopped her activities with Wonder Girls, got married, and began raising her children in Canada. Listening carefully to Sunye’s story, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked back with a serious look, “Raising three children in another country was not an easy thing to do, right?”. Sunye honestly confessed, “In fact, parenting was the most difficult thing in my life”.

Revealing that her parents got married due to premarital pregnancy, Sunye blamed herself for causing the divorce of their parents. In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young tried to comfort Sunye and pointed out that she should make efforts to stop denying her existence and prove her own value.

Sunye then mentioned her withdrawal from Wonder Girls in 2012. She confessed that she suffered an emptiness feeling after the sudden passing of her grandfather and that she was not even happy when she performed on the stage or achieved something. Attention is focused on what Sunye really felt when she had no choice but to leave Wonder Girls.

In addition, Sunye also revealed her worries about her children. Sunye said, “What can I do to help a child who is a little different from other kids protect her self-esteem?”, referring to her first daughter, who was born with a drooping eyelid and has slow language development. 

Source: daum

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