Lee Na-eun expressed her feelings to fans and the group through a handwritten letter following April’s disbandment announcement

After the news of girl group April’s official disbandment was released today, member Lee Na-eun posted a letter to convey her feelings.

Lee Na-eun

On January 28th, Lee Na-eun posted a handwritten letter on April’s official fancafe.

Lee Na-eun began her letter by saying, “I recently recalled the past 7 years I spent with Fineapple (April’s fandom name) as April Lee Na-eun after our debut in August 2015. Those memories are priceless and full of love that it is hard for me to express how I feel about them in this short letter”.

She then expressed her gratitude to fans, saying, “There is a reason why I could dance and sing on stage although I was inexperienced and it was my first time doing everything (as an idol). Thanks to the precious support of my fans, I was able to overcome all the hardships and work hard”, adding, “Out of all the moments, the times I spent with fans were especially precious. You gave me so many things and made me feel the love with my whole body.”

Lee Na-eun then thanked the members, “Telling you this news makes my heart so heavy. I want to thank the members who have been together with me for the past 7 years, and I sincerely hope that all the members will be happy.”

Lastly, she said, “I will become a Lee Na-eun who will grow and try my best to make a step forward. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Fineapple, who have been cherishing, trusting, and loving everything about April until now.”


Earlier on the same day, April’s agency, DSP Media, announced the group’s disbandment through an official press release.

DSP Media said, “After lengthy discussions and considerations, our company decided to disband the group so that the members can walk on their own paths from now on.”

Meanwhile, April made their debut in 2015. In April last year, the girl group was involved in a bullying controversy when former member Lee Hyun-joo confessed that she had been bullied from 2014, when she was a trainee, until she left the group in 2016. Due to bullying allegations, April had to suspend their activities.


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