4 Celebrities Who Show Heartfelt Support for Overlooked Supporting Actors

These stars extend their warmth to supporting actors who have a hard time gaining attention.

Many people’s hard work and dedication are required for a movie or drama to succeed. However, the focus often tends to be on the main or leading actors. Supporting actors who do their best to contribute to the work face a bitter reality where even making their names known is not easy. Among the famous stars who are well aware of this reality in the entertainment industry, here are those who extend warmth to supporting actors and touching everyone’s hearts.

Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo Bin, who recently returned in the Netflix series “Black Knight”, introduced supporting actors through his Instagram.


On May 14th, Kim Woo Bin posted pictures with the supporting actors who appeared alongside him in “Black Knight.”

Kim Woo Bin showed his attention to detail by revealing the Instagram IDs of the actors who played the roles of delivery drivers, as he was well aware that it was difficult for them to reveal their faces wearing masks.

Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo, who is famous for taking care of her juniors, also used social media to introduce supporting actors, just like Kim Woo Bin.

Last year, Kim Hye Soo shared photos of the supporting actors who appeared in the Netflix series “Juvenile Justice” on her personal Instagram. Kim Hye Soo listed the names of the characters played by the supporting actors and their real names one by one.

Kim Hye Soo thumbnail

After seeing this, junior actress Yoon Seo Ah expressed her respect, saying, “Thank you so much for taking care of each and every one of us on set and for remembering us like this.

Other actors such as Jo Hyun Seo, Do Yoo Kyung, Kim Bo Young, and Jung Soo Bin also left thankful comments, and Kim Hye Soo left sweet replies such as “You worked hard filming difficult scenes” and “Stay strong and fighting!

Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung attracted attention by showing his loyalty by appearing on a YouTube channel of a supporting actor he worked with.

Jo In Sung

In 2020, Jo In Sung filmed a surprise live broadcast with actor Park Hyo Jun, with who he worked with in the movie “A Dirty Carnival.” Park Hyo Jun asked Jo In Sung to say, “Subscribe, like, and turn on notifications” and Jo In Sung willingly showed various poses like “double thumbs up’ and ‘heart,’ impressing the viewers.

The two have maintained a strong friendship since the movie “A Dirty Carnival” which was released in 2006. Jo In Sung reportedly attended Park Hyo Jun’s wedding, cherishing the bond they formed.

Jo Han Sun

Lastly, Jo Han Sun touched hearts with his efforts to provide economic assistance to supporting actors. In an episode of MBC’s show “Point of Omniscient Interfere” aired in 2020, Jo Han Sun was shown having a meal with Kang Seung Hwan, a former supporting actor and restaurant owner.

Jo Han Sun and Kang Seung Hwan previously worked together in the movie “Attack the Gas Station 2”, released in 2010. Kang Seung Hwan revealed, “Thanks to Jo Han Sun’s recommendation, I got more opportunities in films. Originally, my appearance fee was low, but it suddenly increased, which surprised me.

Jo Han-sun

He further confessed, “I found out years later that Jo Han Sun had voluntarily reduced his own appearance fee for me. I had no idea because he didn’t show any signs. I learned about it when I worked with someone else years later.”

Jo Han Sun expressed that it was a decision to share and provide warmth in the difficult situation they all faced together.

Source: Insight. 

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