BTS Suga visited by Bang Si Hyuk, a harmonious “HYBE Family”

Bang Si Hyuk, Chairman of HYBE Labels, showed support for BTS Suga.

On May 15th, Bang Si Hyuk, Chairman of the HYBE Board of Directors, posted a photo with BTS Suga (Agust D) along with the caption, “With Agust D. Congratulations on Agust D’s tour D-day.”

The released photo shows Bang Si Hyuk smiling broadly as he visited the concert venue of BTS Suga. Standing side by side, Bang Si Hyuk and Suga showed a friendly atmosphere, and Suga’s charming visuals stood out. 


Seeing the photo, which shows the relationship of two “HYBE family” members, fans are showing warm responses.

Meanwhile, previously in April, Suga released a solo album titled “D-DAY” under his stage name Agust D.

Furthermore, Suga commenced his impressive world tour, “SUGA Agust D-DAY TOUR” in Belmont Park, New York, Newark, New Jersey, and Rosemont, Illinois, and plans to continue his first solo world tour in many other cities. 

Source: Nate

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