BLACKPINK Lisa has earned another flashy achievement for her debut: ranking No.1 on KPOP Radar Spotify chart

BLACKPINK Lisa’s has currently made her solo debut splendid with back-to-back achievements.

Lisa’s MV for her first solo song, ‘LALISA’ topped the list of KPOP Radar’s 37th-week chart (September 5 to September 11) with 87.35 million views.

MV ‘LALISA’ on Youtube recorded 10 million views within 1.5 hours after its release, gathering 10 million views in a record-breaking shortest time in the history of KPOP female soloists.

After 49 hours, the MV surpassed 100 million views. Lisa became the KPOP solo artist to reach this milestone in the shortest time.

Shortly after Lisa’s debut, BLACKPINK’s Youtube subscribers surged by about 300,000. During the 37th week of this year, BLACKPINK gained 1.3 million more subscribers, and its total number exceeded 66 million subscribers. Therefore, BLACKPINK became the artist whose Youtube channel gained the most subscribers in the world, beating the famous pop star Justin Bieber.

Not only Lisa’s MV but her SNS indicators, especially Instagram, also recorded noteworthy figures. Lisa’s personal Instagram followers have increased by about 620,000 over the past week only. The figure shot up 1.5 times from its previous week’s increase. With this trend, Lisa’s Instagram has nearly gathered 60 million followers.

Lisa’s Spotify also recorded an overall number of followers exceeded 500,000 just 2 days after the account was created. As a result, on September 11, Lisa officially dominated the No.1 place on the KPOP Radar Spotify chart.

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