Kang Min Kyung: “25 million won/year for a position requiring experience? A mistake,” controversy continues despite her explanation

Davichi Kang Min Kyung is under fire as the annual salary announced in her company’s recruitment notice for experienced employees is the lowest hourly wage.

Àvie Muah, a clothing shopping mall run by Kang Min Kyung, recently offered an annual salary of 25 million won (approximately $20,000/year) for a CS position, requiring a bachelor degree with more than 3 years in experience. Many netizens are criticizing Àvie Muah for paying the minimum hourly wage to experienced staff.

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In response, Kang Min Kyung explained on her Instagram on Jan 5th, “I reconfirmed the announcement in surprise because so many DMs came in my inbox,” saying that the staff in charge of the announcement made a mistake in writing the new salary.

Controversy still continued despite her explanation, which led to Kang Min Kyung posting a long article on her Instagram on Jan 6th. Kang Min Kyung once again emphasized that the salary announcement was a typo, and explained, “In the case of candidates with experience, we are negotiating based on their previous salary,” adding that her company’s starting salary is based on the minimum hourly wage and is negotiated every year.

However, despite Kang Min Kyung’s explanation that it was a “mistake,” the controversy does not seem to die down easily. Even Àvie Muah’s past recruitment announcements are being dug back. 

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Last year, Àvie Muah posted a recruitment announcement for a web designer. The job required too much work for only a three-month internship, and only those with more than a year of experience could apply even though it was an intern position.

Meanwhile, Àvie Muah, which Kang Min Kyung is recruiting for, is a shopping mall she established in 2020. Kang Min Kyung has recently attracted public attention by announcing that she is preparing to relocate Àvie Muah’s office. Kang Min Kyung purchased a 6.5 billion won building in Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, for the relocation, and also revealed on her YouTube channel how she was decorating the building.

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