Real-life visuals of “The Glory” actress Cha Joo Young: Innocent off-camera, fierce and sexy on-camera 

Cha Joo Young is growing on the audience with each of her new roles. 

A week has passed since its release but the heat “The Glory” brings has not died down. The cast’s acting performance is one of the most praised elements of series. Apart from Song Hye Kyo’s acting chops and Lim Ji Yeon’s villain portrayal, Cha Joo Young is also on the rise for her role on “The Glory.” 

the glory poster
Cha Joo Young’s poster in “The Glory” 

In “The Glory,” Cha Joo Young plays Choi Hye Jung, the daughter of the owner of a laundromat and friend of the same clique with Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and Lee Sa Ra (Kim Hi Eo Ra.) With an average background, Hye Jung becomes her friends’ “henchman” who joins in the bullying of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), their most memorable victim. After many years, Hye Jung becomes an air stewardess that is about to get married to a wealthy man. As someone who is self-conscious about her family background and constantly looked down on by her friends, Hye Jung often toils with life and yearns for the day she can step into the world of the elites. She dresses herself in expensive items to find a man who can make that dream happen. 

Cha Joo-Young

In the first part, Hye Jung is starting to pay the price for her bullying when Dong Eun approaches and gets closer to Hye Jung’s future mother-in-law. She even begs Dong Eun not to tell her mother-in-law of her true family background. Looking side by side with other characters, Hye Jung is not as “evil” as the others, she is only blinded by her own desire to break into ranks. 

Cha Joo Young the glory
Cha Joo Young the glory

Appearing in the drama with sexy outfits, Cha Joo Young surprises the audience with her plain, youthful and gentle image in real life. 

Cha Joo-Young
Cha Joo Young in the behind-the-scenes
Cha Joo-young
The actress’ real-life beauty 

Cha Joo Young first appeared in the 2016’s tvN “Cheese In The Trap” as a character with long hair and simple outfits, a starkly different image from her style as “The Glory” Choi Hye Jung. 

Starting late in her acting career, Cha Joo Young is taking small steps to warm up to the viewers. In 2017, she appeared in the TV series “Jugglers” and was nominated ‘Best New Actress’ in the “KBS Drama Awards.” In 2020, she played the second female lead in “The Spies Who Loved Me” and persuaded the audience with her professional acting and stunning beauty. 

In 2022, Cha Joo Young appeared in three filming projects apart from “The Glory.” They were “Again My Life,” “My Rocket Ship and Alice” and “The Final Weapon.” “Again My Life” was the most attention-grabbing as it starred Lee Jun Ki. With the explosive success in the first half of 2023, the first and second parts of “The Glory” promise a bring career for Cha Joo Young in the near future. 

Cha Joo Young
“Again My Life”

Image source: Netflix, Hancinema

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