This girl group member changed her phone to provide the best fan service

Communication with fans, or fan service, is an important element for Kpop idols. One girl group member has been acknowledged for top-tier fan service. 

Idols who communicate diligently with their fans under the stage

Among the essential virtues of an idol, communication with fans plays a big part. As a result, many idols share their daily lives with fans through fan communities as well as various SNS such as Instagram.

Park Gyuri

They also turn on live broadcasts to communicate and chat with fans in real time, providing a good time.

Recently, Park Gyuri, the leader of “2nd generation legendary girl group” KARA, showed her excel in fan service by changing her cell phone for better communication with fans. 

In particular, Park Gyuri who recently conducted a live broadcast through her Instagram account, said, “I changed (my cell phone) because I wanted to show good quality.”

Park Gyuri

Then, the female idol brought the box of the new cell phone to her face and shared, “I couldn’t give up on the small one. So I bought an (iPhone) 13 mini.” She also emphasized that such a decision was all for the benefit of fans. 

When fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of live broadcasts, Park Gyuri swiftly changed her cell phone in a “cool manner”. 

On the other hand, fans who saw Park Gyuri’s “sweet” side cheered loudly and left comments such as “You’re really cool” and “I guess this is why KARA is loved for a long time.”


Meanwhile, KARA, the girl group to which Park Gyuri belongs, released the special album “MOVE AGAIN” in November 2022 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of their debut.

KARA also received a lot of attention when promoting the album’s title song “WHEN I MOVE”.

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