Seungri is officially charged as a suspect by police

Seungri of Big Bang, who is suspected of using prostitution to pull in overseas investors, entered the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for investigation on June 27.

Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun, 29), a member of Big Bang who is suspected of having using prostitution for overseas investors, has been formally charged by the police. Seungri will be investigated not as a casualty but as a suspect.

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According to the police on March 10th, the metropolitan investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency recently investigated over charges of violating the law on the punishment of sex trafficking and other crimes. In addition, police are reportedly investigating three to four people who also appear in the conversation.

The police sent some 20 investigators to Arena at 11 a.m. on the same day to conduct a raid. The search ended around 2 p.m., about three hours later. Police reportedly secured data which could be related to the alleged prostitution of Seungri.

Earlier, the police had internal investigation when the contents of Seungri’s Kakaotalk conversation, which is suspected of using the escort servies, were disclosed through the media.

Internal investigation is the stage which is performed before a investigation. If a suspect is found in the process of internal investigation, the suspect will be turned into an investigation, and his status will be changed from a suspected person to a suspect.

SBS funE revealed earlier about Seungri intention to use Gangnam clubs in Seoul as various lobbying venues and provide sex to investors, along with a conversation on Kakao Talk with CEO of Yuri Holdings in December 2015. The KakaoTalk conversation included a message that Seungri should arranged escort service at a club in Gangnam to entertain foreign investors. The place mentioned in the conversation is Club Arena.

Regarding this, the police called Seungri as a suspected person on April 27 and confirmed the fact-finding relationship on the sex scandal. The police have also reportedly summoned and questioned the figures involved in the KakaoTalk conversation.

The police also secured some details of Kakao Talk’s conversation regarding the sexual service scandal and are analyzing them. In addition, after the news about an anonymous submitted the contents of the Kakao Talk conversation to the committee, the police requested the commission to cooperate with the information.

Sources: Naver

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