Fans of “Semantic Error” Jaechan ask his agency to shut down their business via scathing flower wreath

Recently, a flower wreath filled with complaints and curses was sent to the office of Dongyo Entertainment.

On July 18th, a flower wreath with banners was put in front of the office of Dongyo Entertainment, which manages Kpop group DKZ. On the banners were scathing words, saying:

“Dongyo Entertainment who doesn’t give a shit about the current situation / Shut down your company if you can’t be responsible.”

dkz jaechan fan

This is said to be a gesture from fans of DKZ member Jaechan, who are enraged at DKZ’s mismanagement of their idol, lack of protection, and constant mess-up with schedule arrangement. 

As of the moment, Dongyo has taken down the banner, leaving the flower wreath outside as if it’s just a normal gift.

dkz jaechan fan

Previously, fans of Jaechan has trended the hashtag #Dongyu_OUT on Twitter, demanding proper treatment towards the male idol. They listed various unacceptable actions of Dongyo towards Jaechan, like not publishing articles about his acting project, not calling for votes during award ceremonies, and ignoring him in favor of other members. 


In addition, after the success of Jaechan’s web drama “Semantic Error”, DKZ saw a huge rise in popularity. However, Dongyo continuously ignored the wishes of Jaechan’s fans and took no action to protect the idol from malicious rumors and comments. They also canceled Jaechan’s appearance at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival – an important stage for the idol’s career, in favor of the group’s schedule at the K-EXPO festival at Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

dkz jaechan fan

“Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival is an extremely meaningful event for a new actor, and yet the company’s inexperience in scheduling barred Jaechan from attending,” they said. 

Fans also feel that despite the hype of “Semantic Error”, Jaechan is losing his opportunities due to his lacking agency. In addition, a serious disease is spreading in Brazil, and Dongyo can’t ensure their artists’ health there. The company also forced its artist to fly using economy tickets with a lot of transits, leading to the flight lasting as long as 50 hours. 

dkz jaechan fan

“Respond to us quickly and sincerely, or else we will boycott all further activities of DKZ in the future,” these fans threatened. 

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