Netizens got mad at Mnet because they made a bust shot video of NOZE and Monika look like an idol fancam

Prior to the first elimination on Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”, a dance comparison video of PROWDMON Monika and WAYB NOZE has just been released.

On September 14, Mnet uploaded the 4th pre-release video on its official NaverTV and Youtube channels.

The video showed different dances by Monika and NOZE competing in the mission “4 top hits of KPOP”.

The 2 dancers performed their group dance to CL’s ‘Doctor Pepper’ and ‘Hello Bitches’.

As Mnet only released the bust shot footage of Monika and NOZE, we can’t check the whole choreography of their crews.

However, we still recognized that the two crews interpreted the songs in their distinct ways and created completely different vibes. PROWDMON Monika performed under the red lights, while WAY B NOZE showed her flexible movements on a blue-colored stage.

Above all, in the middle of the songs, the 2 crews had to copy each other’s dance moves as a “choreography copy challenge” was included in this mission.

In this round, not only do the crews have to perform the opponent crew’s choreography better, but they are also expected to enjoy the stage and give joy to the audience.

In addition, the fact that YGX, WAY B, WANT, and HOLYBANG received minus points in the last “CLASS MISSION” may affect the elimination of the first crew.

For the first time in this show, a crew will be eliminated. Therefore, the viewers are paying much more attention to the airing of this episode.

However, after the pre-release video was uploaded, it received mixed opinions from netizens. Some people pointed out that the video looked exactly like an idol fancam and didn’t suit a dance program.

In response, netizens left comments under the video, saying, “It’s a comparison video of the dancers, but why am I only seeing their faces instead of their dances?”, “I thought it was an idol fancam”, “Please give us a full shot, not a bust shot video like this.”

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