Editorial conflict regarding “Anna”: What will happen to the eight-episode director’s cut…”Will be revealed as planned”

Interest in the director’s cut, which is scheduled to be released, is also increasing amid the conflict between the director and Coupang Play over the drama “Anna.”

On August 2nd, “Anna” director Lee Joo-young said through Siwoo, a law firm, “’Anna’, which was released exclusively on Coupang Play, has six episodes (45-63 minutes per episode), but the final master file I submitted is originally eight episodes (45-61 minutes per episode). Coupang Play, and not even the production company, unilaterally edited it.”

In response, Coupang Play said, “It is true that there was a disagreement between us and director Lee Joo-young on the direction of directing and editing,” adding, “We have communicated with the director and/or production company for a long time to narrow the gap and produce results that everyone is satisfied with. However, we have not reached an agreement.”

It added, “It’s a work that has received a lot of love, and it’s a pity to tell the viewers such news.”

“Anna” is a drama that was released on Coupang Play on June 24th. The drama is about the story of Lee Yoo-mi (Suzy), the main character who lives the life of another person starting with a small lie. “Anna” drew attention with Suzy’s acting as proved how much she has improved.

The work was released as a six-episode series, but it was also reported to be planned and filmed as an eight-episode series during an interview with the cast. Coupang Play also announced that it will release an eight-episode director’s cut in August. The decrease in the number of episodes in the editing process was often thought of as an agreement between both sides.

However, director Lee Ju-young’s announcement revealed that there were disagreements and conflicts over the direction of directing and editing between him and Coupang Play, the planner and provider, even before the drama was released. In the process, it was also revealed that the two sides are continuing to argue over “violation of editorial rights.”

In fact, director Lee Joo-young did not attend the production presentation ahead of the release of “Anna,” as well as not participating in any promotional activities or media interviews.

Director Lee Joo-young is demanding Coupang Play’s apology, a promise to prevent any recurrence, and remove his name from the credits of the six-episode “Anna,” which was edited and released without the director’s consent. In addition, he urged Coupang Play to release the eight-episode master file he delivered as a director’s cut.

The eight-episode “Anna” was edited by director Lee Joo-young himself. Regarding whether to release the director’s cut, Coupang Play said, “We will release it. We think we can release it a little bit earlier than scheduled.”

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