“I’ve been waiting for this”… Kim Go Eun announced that she is holding a fan meeting to celebrate her 10th debut anniversary

Actress Kim Go Eun is holding a fanmeeting to mark her 10th anniversary of her debut.

On the 8th, Kim Go Eun posted a number of photos on her Instagram.

In the photo, a poster introducing the 10th anniversary of Kim Go Eun’s fanmeeting in celebration of her 10-year debut. It says: “Kim Go Eun’s 10th anniversary fan meeting created by fans themselves, ‘Go Eun: come in closer’”.

Kim Go Eun said, “I’ve received so many things so far that I want to have a fan meeting only for my fans”.

“Kim Go Eun’s 10th anniversary fan meeting: “Go Eun’s Day” is made based on various opinions from fans, she explained.

The agency said, “Please send [Kim Go Eun] what you want to see, hear, and feel at Kim Go-eun’s fan meeting, such as stories, songs, dances, and (specific) games that you want to share at the fan meeting”.

Finally, they added, “Please send [Kim Go Eun] your thoughts and ideas of what can make actress Kim Go Eun’s 10th anniversary shine even more”. 

In Kim Go Eun’s first fanmeeting in 2017, “Go Eun’s Day”. Her first fan meeting, held five years after her debut in the filming scene, drew a total of 700 fans, including those from all over the country and from overseas such as Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan. At that time, Kim Go Eun appeared at the fanmeet singing Lee So-ra’s “Track 3” live and received enthusiastic cheers from fans.

Kim Go-eun continued performing Whitney Houston’s “I look to you” with explosive singing skills. After a surprise event prepared by fans and a 40-minute handshake event, Kim Go Eun’s first fan meeting ended successfully.

Kim Go-eun

Kim made her debut in the 2012 movie “A Muse”, attracting 1.34 million viewers to see the movie and generated love for the actress the moment she made her debut.

Kim Go Eun’s fan meeting is going to be held on October 15th. Her latest Korean drama “Little Women” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m (KST). 

Source: Wikitree

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