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A series of press conferences were disrupted by tvN’s “rubber band organization”… The casts lost chances to meet viewers

The programming of the entertainment show “Follow Me Now”, which was scheduled to premiere on Sep 9th, was changed to Sep 23rd. 

This is because there was a change from the existing tvN STORY exclusive broadcasting to tvN STORY and tvN simultaneous broadcasting.

Accordingly, the online press conference of “Follow Me Now” scheduled to be held at 11 AM on Sep 8th was postponed indefinitely. The problem is that the event was abruptly canceled about 18 hours before it began.

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At 4:50 PM on Sep 7th, “Follow Me Now” promoted that it would air simultaneously on tvN STORY and tvN. On the other hand, the changes regarding the press conference were briefly mentioned in about one sentence at the bottom, causing confusion.

An official of “Follow Me Now” said, “There are no other issues. The schedule was suddenly changed yesterday.”

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This is not the only time that tvN suddenly changes its programs’ schedule. Just 4 months ago, episode 1 of the drama “Eve” starring actress Seo Ye-ji was also postponed. “Eve”, which was delayed for a week 5 days before airing, revealed, “We inevitably have to postpone the programming in order to improve the drama’s level of completion.”

The press conference, which received a lot of attention as Seo Ye-ji’s first public appearance after a year, also failed. It is unusual for a drama press conference to be canceled. It is rumored that the programming was changed as CJ Group’s senior executives controlled the direction of the program in the final stage.

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At the time, tvN said, “We were unable to hold the press conference of ‘Eve’ due to filming schedules such as post-production.”

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