“Anna” director Lee Ju-young: “My work has been damaged, Coupang Play has been consistently quiet…I’ll be waiting for their answer”

Song Young-hoon, a lawyer from Siwoo, the law firm that acts as director Lee Ju-young’s legal representative, said in a telephone interview with OSEN, “We have publicized it for now,” adding, “So far, Couple Play has been consistently quiet to us. They seem to be preparing for an answer soon. We will wait for Coupang Play to announce their position.”

Director Lee Ju-young claimed that the six-episode “Anna,” which has been released so far, was unilaterally edited without his intention. Director Lee Ju-young said, “I couldn’t agree for them to put my name on an edited version that I haven’t even seen yet, so I asked Coupang Play to take my name off the ‘director’ and ‘screenplay’ credit. I have asked Coupang Play to correct the problem through an agent, but they haven’t responded so far.”

Lawyer Song said that infringement of copyright is a reason for damages. Lawyer Song said, “We will consider what kind of legal action we will take after seeing Coupang Play’s position. However, if the copyright of the original author is unilaterally excluded, it will highly be considered to be a reason for compensation for damages,” he explained. He added, “Even if the drama has been transferred under the contract, the copyright remains to the copyright holder. Coupang Play’s actions are a serious violation of the author’s right to maintain the identity of his work,” he added.

Director Lee Ju-young called for Coupang Play’s official apology and the eight-episode master file to be released as the director’s version of “Anna” and for his name to be deleted from the six-episode version of “Anna.” He also want Coupang Play to publicly declare that they will not do any kind of one-sided editing in the future. Lawyer Song also showed a strong stance, saying, “If they comply with the requirements, we will consider it and make additional positions if we deem it needed, and if we implement legal measures, we will announce that we will do so.”

Coupang Play said it will soon announce its official position on Lee Ju-young’s protest.

“Anna” is the story of a woman who lives a life where everything is a lie. “Anna” is an original series starring Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Joon-han and Park Ye-young, which was released on June 24th and received keen attention from many viewers.

Source: daum

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