LE SSERAFIM Becomes Japan’s Most Powerful K-pop Artist, Surpassing Even BTS and BLACKPINK 

The ranking of the top 10 most powerful Kpop artists in Japan is creating a stir.

Recently, Billboard Japan Artist 100 released its 2024 rankings for the top 10 most powerful Kpop artists in Japan. As soon as it was announced, this ranking sparked debates among fans. Japan is the second-largest music market in the world, and being recognized there is a huge honor for Kpop artists. Over the past 30 years, many K-pop entertainment companies have aimed to break into the Japanese market and have achieved significant success.

le sserafim

According to Billboard Japan, LE SSERAFIM is the most powerful Kpop artist in Japan for 2024, followed by SEVENTEEN. These two groups hold the top spots in the Billboard Japan Artist 100. In third place is NewJeans, with Jungkook being the only solo artist in the top 5 at #4. Despite only recently debuting, ILLIT is ranked high at #5, ahead of TWICE (#6) and BTS (#9).


The 10 most powerful Kpop artists in Japan for 2024 according to Billboard Japan Artist 100 are:

  3. NewJeans
  4. Jungkook
  5. ILLIT
  6. TWICE
  7. Stray Kids
  8. IVE
  9. BTS
  10. Treasure

The Billboard Japan ranking features the most prominent current artists with large fanbases and notable success in Japan. However, this ranking has sparked controversy, with LE SSERAFIM taking the top spot.

LE SSERAFIM even surpassed SEVENTEEN, who recently attracted nearly 150,000 attendees to their two Follow Again concerts at Nissan Stadium. SEVENTEEN is huge in Japan, so their ranking behind LE SSERAFIM is surprising to many.

Furthermore, LE SSERAFIM also surpassed TWICE – Japan’s “number one pick in Kpop” – and even BTS. BTS only ranked 9th, behind both ILLIT and NewJeans. Jungkook remains the most famous BTS member in Japan.

Additionally, the absence of BLACKPINK, despite their record-breaking World Tour Born Pink and past concerts at Tokyo Dome, has raised eyebrows. 

Source: k14

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