Most popular 4th gen K-pop female idols according to Google 

Based on data from Google from 2018-2022, Jang Won Young, Sakura and Ryu Jin are the most popular 4th gen female idols.

IVE’s Jang Won Young 

After more than two years of IZ*ONE activities, Jang Won Young returned to Starship and debuted as the center of the rookie girl group IVE. With impressive achievements right from their debut, IVE is recognized as one of the most popular 4th generation groups in Kpop today.

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IVE quickly gained success despite not coming from a big company partly because of Jang Won Young’s overwhelming popularity, especially in fashion. Thanks to her ideal physique and the height of over 1.70m, Jang Won Young caught the eyes of many brands. 

Jang Won Young innisfree

Two months after debuting in IZ*ONE, Jang Won Young had her first magazine photoshoot with Dior. In early 2021, along with her debut with IVE, she was selected by Miu Miu to become the ambassador for the brand in Korea. In the same year, she signed contracts with Innisfree, golf clothing brand Gosperes and jewelry brand Chaumet.

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Jang Won Young has been chosen as the ambassador of many luxury brands very early on in her career. Even famous BLACKPINK members like Lisa, Rosé or Jisoo took about 4 years after debut to gain major recognition in fashion.

Thanks to her widespread influence, Jang Won Young has plenty of solo schedules, from magazine shoots to attending fashion events, or participating in television programs.


Sakura is one of the most popular Japanese female idols in Korea. Joining the Korean entertainment industry in 2018 through the survival show “Produce 48”, Miyawaki Sakura soon gained love from fans with her colorful charm and fairy-like visuals.

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Sakura (Le Sserafim): Coming from Japan, Sakura is one of the few foreign female idols loved by the Korean public.  Joining the Korean entertainment industry in 2018 through the survival show Produce 48, Miyawaki Sakura gradually proved her different charm among the Kpop idols of the same generation.

After two years and eight months of working with IZ*ONE, the Japanese female star made her second debut as a member of Le Sserafim – a girl group under HYBE. 

Miyawaki Sakura

According to Naver, the female idol born in 1998 decided to come to Korea to be a trainee, right at the peak of her career in Japan.  Although the female idol had more than 10 years of experience in the Japanese entertainment industry, after 3 years working in Korea, she once again returned to showbiz as a rookie.


The NME site assessed that Sakura’s efforts and progressive spirit are the factors that help her gain more and more love from Kpop fans.

After only two days of debuting with Le Ssserafim, Miyawaki Sakura has recorded the achievement of being the fastest Gen 4 female idol to have a personal fancam reaching millions of views.  Besides, the female singer born in 1998 is also highly appreciated for her outstanding potential in other fields such as acting, gameshow, fashion, etc. In addition, she is also involved in business and has her own fashion brand called Cran By Molak.

Ryu Jin (ITZY)

Debuting with ITZY after participating in YG’s survival program, Ryu Jin is highly appreciated for both her visual and talent.  The Naver site said that before the official debut, Ryu Jin also appeared as an actor in the movie The King.  Besides, she once appeared in BTS’s short “Highlight Reel” MV.

itzy ryujin

Mixnine is an opportunity for the female idol to show her charm among the talented contestants.  Through this program, she not only won the hearts of viewers but also YG president Yang Hyun Suk.  He revealed that if Ryu Jin wasn’t a JYP trainee, he would’ve wanted her to be a part of YG Entertainment.

itzy ryujin charles and keith

In 2019, Ryu Jin officially debuted with ITZY as the group’s center, main rapper, lead dancer and sub vocalist.  The Daum site evaluated that the female rapper has the ability to flexibly transform in many styles.  However, she is especially loved for her cool image.  Besides, the confident and attractive demeanor is also one of Ryu Jin’s outstanding strengths.

itzy ryujin

The News1 site commented that the contrast between her cool appearance and easy-going personality on the inside has helped her become ITZY’s fangirl-attractor. Not only possessing a large fan base, the center of JYP’s girl group is also famous in the idol world as many times she has been caught up in unfounded dating rumors with male Kpop idols.

According to KpopStar, after 3 years, Ryu Jin has achieved many impressive achievements.  Currently, the female idol becomes the richest person in ITZY with a net worth of about two million dollars (as of 2022).

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