Current status of a poor aspiring singer who used to solve three meals a day with just one box lunch

Singer Heize is preparing for her first solo concert.

On Nov 28th and 30th, Heize‘s agency P Nation released ensemble live clips ahead of her first solo concert “Heize City” through P Nation’s official SNS.


In the videos, Heize caught fans’ eyes and ears with live performances reminiscent of real concerts. In particular, she raised expectations for the concert by digesting “First Sight” and “Diary” with impeccable skills as well as delicate and rich expressive emotions.


Heize’s first concert “Heize City,” will be held at Ewha Womans University Samsung Hall in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul for three weeks from Dec 3rd to 18th. It will also be held at Busan Citizens Hall Grand Theater on Dec 24th and Daegu Kyungpook National University Auditorium on Dec 31st.

This concert has a special meaning in that it is Heize’s first solo concert after 9 years of debut.


Heize debuted in 2014 with the digital single “After I’ve Wandered a Bit”. Afterwards, she established herself as a digital queen of the music industry by sweeping digital charts for each song she released, such as “Star”, “You, Clouds, Rain”, “Don’t Know You” and “Happen”.

The title song “Undo” of the recently released second full-length album “Undo” also topped music charts, helping Heize prove the modifier “digital queen”.


Heize, who has loved music since she was a child, became interested in rap after listening to ballad-style rap played as BGM when Cyworld was popular.

At the recommendation of her high school teacher, she entered the Department of Business Administration at Pukyong National University in Busan, but eventually took a year off and came to Seoul to start her music career. Heize recalled in an interview that she faced opposition from her parents at that time. In order to get her father’s approval, she received an A+ in all of her college courses, with a 4.5 GPA in her third year of college.

Source: Daum

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