BTS once again encounters BLACKPINK on the music race

BTS and BLACKPINK’s overlapping schedules raise questions. 

Recently, BLACKPINK is taking the spotlight after the release of their album teaser “Born Pink” with the title track “Pink Venom”. This comeback after a 2-year hiatus garners considerable attention from the public. 

BLACKPINK sweeps through the Internet in recent times. (Image: YG Entertainment)

On the night of 11th August 2022,  BTS’ Twitter page suddenly posted an image of their member Jungkook with the following caption: “Me, myself, and Jungkook”. According to the Korean media, Jungkook is the first member to start the photo folio project with the theme “Powerful”. It is said that all 7 members take part in the production of this work. Hence, netizens are stating that BTS’s project is, once again, overlapping with BLACKPINK’s comeback. This immediately sparks controversies among the two fandoms

BTS Jungkook
Jungkook will have a direct face-off with BLACKPINK if he goes solo in August. (Image: Twitter @bts_bighit) 

The fans have not forgotten the chance encounter between BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS on the music race in September 2021. BTS also dropped their music video “Permission to Dance” (short challenge version) at the moment BLACKPINK’s youngest made her solo debut. 

Lisa made her solo debut with LALISA on 10th September 2021. (Image: Persona) 
BTS released a new version of “Permission to Dance” around the time Lisa dropped her MV. (Image: HYBE Labels) 

In 2020, the two groups had three encounters. On 26th June 2020, the girl group dropped their “How You Like That” MV while BTS released their Japanese MV “Stay Gold”. 

How You Like That
BLACKPINK generated sensations with “How You Like That”. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
bts stay gold
BTS did a surprise release of their Japanese MV “Stay Gold”. (Image: Youtube screenshot from HYBE Labels) 

Subsequently, On 28th August 2020, BLACKPINK released their “Ice Cream” single in collaboration with singer and actress Selena Gomez. Coincidentally, BTS released their remixes of “Dynamite”. 

blackpink ice cream
BLACKPINK released the single “Ice Cream”. (Image: Pinterest) 
BTS dropped the remix versions of “Dynamite”. (Image: Pinterest)

Following suit, when BLACKPINK announced the MV for their track “Lovesick Girls” on October 2nd, HYBE confirmed BTS’s collaboration with Jason Derulo and Jawsh 685 in their remix for “Savage Love” not long after that. 

BLACKPINK returned with “Lovesick Girls”. (Image: Twitter  @BLACKPINK)
bts thumbnail
BTS once again released a product that collided with YG’s schedule. (Image: Pinterest) 

The way BTS seems to bump into BLACKPINK perplexes the audiences. Many fans question if this is intentional behavior or not to “generate heat”, causing intense debates between the two fandoms. 

BTS blackpink thumbnail
The increasing tension between fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK through countless encounters. (Image: Pinterest) 

While the two groups’ encounters can be unexpected and awkward, each idol group has their distinct attractiveness that ensures them individual successes thanks to formidable talents. 

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