BTS’s new MV “Yet To Come”: A nostalgic recall of their hit “Spring Day”

The music MV for BTS’s new song “Yet To Come” includes many details reminiscent of “Spring Day”. 

On June 10th, BTS returned to the Kpop industry with “Yet To Come”, 3 days ahead of their 9th year anniversary. The MV, which quickly drew attention from numerous Kpop fans, boasted a hopeful palette of sky blue, white sand, and the yellow sun. It also conveyed both tribute to the past and a hope towards the future, and brought positivity to whoever watched it. 

BTS’s new MV “Yet To Come” (The Most Beautiful Moment)

Of course, such a big project has to be more complex that what it seems, and behind the bright MV colors and soft melody, are various recall towards “Spring Day” – a BTS song that cemented the boy group’s position in the Kpop industry and brought them to public attention. 

The MV of BTS’s “Spring Day”. 

Back in 2016, when “Spring Day” first dropped, BTS was showered in praise for their meaningful MV and lyrics. In particular, “Spring Day” alluded a lot to love, friendship, loss, an intense nostalgia about the past, and according to the group themselves, the song also paid tribute to the Sewol ferry tragedy back in 2014. 

BTS concept photos Door version

It was after “Spring Day” that BTS had their final transformation to become a “nation’s group”, before embarking on their journey and attaining international fame. “Spring Day” was a launching pad and a great breakthrough for the now world-famous BTS. 

bts proof

Back to the new title “Yet To Come”, the song was an alternative Hip-Hop track that, from the first notes, immediately brought people back to the melody of “Spring Day”. The MV for “Yet To Come” also integrated various scenes related to their old MV, which rendered BTS fans into a sobbing mess. 

Below are some notable “easter eggs” between the “Spring Day” MV and the “Yet To Come” MV:

bts yet to come spring day
The number 20219 appeared alongside RM in both MVs.
bts yet to come spring day
Jungkook once again returned to the abandoned merry-go-round after 6 years.
bts yet to come spring day
BTS stayed together from the sea to the desert. 
bts yet to come spring day
The similar hand gesture made by V.
bts yet to come spring day
Jimin and his familiar actions and angles. 
bts yet to come spring day
Same boys in similar positions. 

Through “Yet To Come”, BTS fans are taken on a trip down the memory lane, where they can once again enjoy the happy emotions spent with their idols. “Yet To Come” thus feels like a gift dedicated to fans who spent their youth with BTS, and those who are now spending their youth with them. This is an MV full of nostalgia, and is healing, yet somber like a “spring day” spent with BTS and their ARMYs. 

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