BTS drops nostalgic “Yet To Come” MV to celebrate 9th year anniversary, hitting 5 million views in just 10 minutes 

BTS has officially made a comeback with “Yet To Come”.

At 1 PM KST, BTS dropped the MV for “Yet To Come” from their latest album “Proof” to mark the group’s 9th year anniversary. RM, Suga, and J-Hope participated in the production for this title track.

BTS – Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

“Yet To Come” is an alternative hip-hop song with a profound message about “the most beautiful moment” of one’s life. Through the song, 7 members look back on their journey over the past 9 years, heading into their 10th year of promotions as BTS with a hopeful future. 

bts yet to come
Nostalgic footage of BTS in “Yet To Come” MV
bts yet to come
BTS has debuted for 9 years
bts yet to come
BTS will continue to have a bright future when entering their 10th year

Many scenes in “Yet To Come” MV take fans back to the era of “Spring Day”, one of BTS’ biggest hits. Every footage filled with nostalgia makes fans emotional as they recall the beautiful journey with BTS.

bts yet to come
“Yet To Come” quickly took 1st place on Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits
bts yet to come
Yet To Come gained more than 5 million views after 10 minutes of its release

“Yet To Come” quickly ranked No.1 on Spotify’s Today Top Hits after 9 minutes. The MV also attracted 5 million views after only 10 minutes and the number of views is still increasing rapidly. “Yet To Come” and “Proof” promise to bring BTS even more records.

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