V x Jennie, break the silence with New York date?… Agencies’ reactions to Lovestagram

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie once again heated up the dating rumors with their New York SNS updates.

On September 6th, V posted photos on Instagram with the caption “in NY”. The photos showed the scenery and selfies V took when he visited New York, USA.

blackpink jennie bts v

In particular, a photo among them drew attention as it contained a landscape similar to the sunset photo uploaded by Jennie on SNS on August 31st. The photos posted by Jennie and V were taken from a similar angle, so suspicions arose that the two visited the same place together.

blackpink jennie bts v

V recently departed for New York for a photo shoot, and Jennie also received attention by flying to New York by a day. Afterwards, Jennie and V arrived at Incheon International Airport from New York on August 31st and September 1st, respectively.

At that time, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment denied the dating allegations by saying, “BLACKPINK will carry out various schedules.”

bts v jennie

However, rumors of a romantic relationship between V and Jennie have not been extinguished as their two-shots were leaked one after another, including photos taken in the waiting room, in front of V’s house and in the elevator.

However, V’s agency HYBE and Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment maintain their position that “it is difficult to confirm because it is the artist’s private life”.

Source: naver

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