Didn’t wash his face and shave, BTS V is nagged by the director

BTS V recently released a Vlog showing his daily life.

On July 9th, V‘s Vlog video was posted on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV.”

In the video, V drew attention by appearing in a natural appearance with the caption, “Just woke up 10 minutes ago, only brushed his teeth before going out”. V then got in the car to visit the dentist first, saying, “I think I broke my tooth while eating ice cream last night, so I’ll stop by the dentist.”


V, who was undergoing treatment, clenched his fists and showed how nervous he was, making everyone smiled. V exclaimed, “Going to the dentist is really scary.”


After that, he enjoyed indoor golf and boasted his high-quality golfing skills. He shouted “Nice” continuously, and showed the ease of bouncing the golf ball on the rack.


After golf, during meal time, V said, “The broadcasting directors here told me to go shave after hearing that I didn’t shaved. When I said, ‘I’m going to film like this,’ they said, ‘No, you can’t. Go shave.’ I shaved, but it grew back again.”


Lastly, V said, “This is not just a Vlog, it’s a normal day of me. ARMY, you guys have worked hard for the past 50 minutes, please go to bed now. Thank you for your hard work,” he said, wrapping up his long Vlog of more than 50 minutes.

Source: Nate

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