BTS RM revealed a silly and forgetful side before concert performance 

On March 16th, a video titled “RM ‘Live in Seoul’ Concert Sketch – BTS (방탄소년단)” was released on the YouTube channel BANGTANTV. In the video, BTS member RM can be seen organizing gifts for guests before a Rolling Hall performance.


In particular, RM introduced his gifts, which are whiskey and his signed album, saying, “I bought whisky bottled in my birth year. I thought they could drink it when they feel like it, so I bought some good whiskey.”

However, after packing gifts for 4 guests, RM noticed a leftover box and looked puzzled for a while. He then asked, “Huh? Why is there one bottle left? There’s one in all four bags.”


As it turns out, RM bought 5 whiskey bottles, 4 for the guests and one for himself, but forgot about his own whiskey. 

“Oh, I bought this for myself. I was going to drink it myself. I was like, ‘What’s this…?’ ‘I don’t remember buying this one’”, the male idol said with an embarrassed expression whilst laughing. 

Source: Naver

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