Amid Pentagon Hong Seok’s medical discharge, SHINee Tae Min, who also suffered from depression and panic disorder, is praised

Pentagon member Hong Seok will be medically discharged from the military seven months after enlisting due to his mental health.

On Dec 26th, Pentagon’s agency Cube Entertainment announced, Pentagon member Hong Seok has been classified as a target for the Wartime Labor Service and will be discharged from his military service.”

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According to the agency, Hong Seok has been receiving continuous treatment and counseling while serving in the military due to panic disorder and depression symptoms with agoraphobia, but his symptoms have only worsened. Hong Seok was originally scheduled to be discharged in November 2023, but the military decided to allow Hong Seok to be medical discharged, judging that it was impossible to combine his military life and the treatment process.

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As the news of Hong Seok’s medical discharge spread, attention is focused on SHINee Tae Min, who is serving in the military as well. Tae Min entered the Army Training Center in May last year, received basic military training, and began his service in the Army’s military band. However, he was transferred to reservist duty on January 14th as his symptoms of depression and panic disorder, which he has been suffering from before, worsened.

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SM Entertainment, Tae Min’s agency, explained, “Tae Min has been transferred to reservist duty according to the military’s judgment and measures that it is impossible to combine his treatment with his military life.”

After the news spread, those who claimed to have enlisted at the same time as Tae Min drew attention by mentioning Tae Min’s life in the military.

A said, “I remember that Tae Min brought a lot of medications such as depression pills when he was in the training center and took them every evening.”

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A continued, “Even if it was hard, he always showed a bright side in front of us and hung out with us. I heard that he suffered from chronic diseases before joining the military, but he was always working hard and did his best in every training session.”

In addition, B shared, “We lived together for about two weeks, and I saw him having a hard time taking medications every day due to his depression and panic symptoms, and he often woke up every night. There were times when he had to take additional medicine at night.”

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B said, “He was a good brother who even cheered me up when I broke up with my girlfriend,” and added, “He was very anxious and worried that he would be attacked with malicious comments if he left. I would appreciate it if you guys don’t say anything too much.”

During the rest of his service, Tae Min will fulfill his national defense duties as a social service agent. Tae Min’s discharge day is scheduled for March 2nd next year as his service period has increased after being converted to a social service worker.

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