Shocking current status of an idol-turned-actress who appeared with her bald head

Kanna Hashimoto is a Japanese idol-turned-actress who was nicknamed “one-in-a-thousand-year idol” for her fairy-like visuals that appear only once in a thousand years.

Recently, fans were shocked when her current status was delivered.

On Dec 24th (local time), Japanese media outlet ITmedia reported on Kanna Hashimoto’s current status.

Hashimoto Kanna

In the released photos, Kanna surprised everyone with her bald head, where not even a single hair could be found.

Her smooth scalp and round head were completely exposed, reminiscent of a boiled egg, causing laughter.

Hashimoto Kanna

However, there was only a change in her hairstyle. She still boasted her beauty, including bright brown eyes, fresh mouth corners slightly raised and blemish-free skin.

Fans were shocked, but praised Kanna’s beauty, “I’ve never seen such a beautiful bald girl” and “Her pretty features stand out more when her scalp is exposed.

However, some fans responded, “I feel an ‘uncanny valley’ because she looks like a robot.

Hashimoto Kanna

According to the media, the bald photos were still cuts from the movie “Black Night Parade”.

“Black Night Parade” is a live-action film based on Hikaru Nakamura’s manga and was released in Japan on Dec 23rd.

It is a comedy film about Hino Miharu, an unambitious young man who is forced to join a dark Christmas company that delivers bad gifts to bad children.

Hashimoto Kanna

Kanna played the main character Hojo Shino in this film.

In the original manga, Shino appears bald for a while. Kanna put on bald makeup to perfectly portray Shino.

Afterwards, Kanna appeared with her usual brown hair at the stage greeting, and fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Hashimoto Kanna

Meanwhile, Kanna Hashimoto became a hot topic last October when her dating rumors with actor Taishi Nakagawa were reported.

However, both sides expressed their position, “Please leave our private life to us.

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