“Soonsim…?” New preview for Lee Hyo Ri’s show “Canada Check-in” makes viewers sob 

The preview for the third episode of “Canada Check-in” has been released. Lee Hyo Ri’s tears broke the hearts of viewers.

On December 27th, the Youtube channel “TEO” uploaded a new video titled “Let’s officially start our trip to Canada. Soonsim that I met at the beach? | Canada Check-in”.

The released video shows Lee Hyo Ri and her best friend enjoying dinner. The preview also revealed several scenes of her camping trip.

The two visited McMillan Provincial Park. During her busy trip, Lee Hyo Ri enjoyed the relaxation in nature after a while. She spent time recharging herself before meeting the next dog.

lee hyori canada check in

There was also an unexpected scene. While walking on the beach, Lee Hyo Ri suddenly smiled as she found out something. She stared at a strange puppy and said, “A child looking like Soonsim is coming. I just thought it was Soonsim.”

lee hyori canada check in

Lee Hyo Ri called the puppy, “Soonsim?”. The puppy approached Lee Hyo Ri and sat next to her. Lee Hyo Ri kept patting the dog.

In the end, Lee Hyo Ri burst into tears as she missed Soonsim. She confessed, “I told you, she would be living the same life somewhere…”, touching viewers.

lee hyori canada check in

Lee Hyo Ri adopted Soonsim from an abandoned animal shelter. After becoming a precious family member to Lee Hyo Ri, the dog died in her arms in December 2020.

lee hyori canada check in

In response, netizens commented, “It’s just a short video but I’m already crying”, “I sobbed after watching the preview”, “That puppy really looks like Soonsim. I cried because of that scene”, “My tears keep falling down”, “Soonsim ah, your mom misses you a lot”, “Soonsim…”, “I’m about to burst into tears”, etc.

lee hyori canada check in

Meanwhile, tvN’s entertainment program “Canada Check-in” is a program about Lee Hyo Ri, who has been continuously doing volunteer work to help abandoned dogs for more than a decade, leaving for Canada to meet dogs sent overseas to be adopted by new families. It airs every Saturday at 10:40 p.m. 

Source: wikitree

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