Kim Tae Ri admitted her own bad attitude? Stealing from director and manipulating friends

The image of Kim Tae Ri was ruined after she was listed as a celebrity with bad attitude, with alleged old remarks of her being re-examined. 

Despite having a late start to her acting career, actress Kim Tae Ri quickly earned massive attention with both critical and commercial successes with awards at the prestigious Baeksang and Blue Dragon. At the same time, she is adored by netizens for her bubbly and lively personality. 

kim tae ri

However, the “Twenty Five, Twenty One” star was recently listed by reporters to be among “Korean actors with the worst attitude”. With 11 out of 34 votes, she even made it to the 2nd position on the list, right above her co-star Nam Joo Hyuk

Amid this controversy, the YouTube channel “Kkamu Wiki” published a video titled “16 truths of Kim Tae-ri, the ‘worst actress; in 2022, directly selected by film officials”, drawing a lot of attention. According to this video, Kim Tae Ri allegedly revealed a lot of her “bad attitude” on her own, either via interviews or public events. 

kim tae ri
Kim Tae Ri is engulfed in controversy over her alleged “bad attitude”

In particular, this video brought up a past interview, where Kim Tae Ri said that she once spread negative rumors about her best friend in elementary school, since she didn’t want the friend to hang out with anyone else. The actress also allegedly bragged that she has successfully “manipulated” said friend, who has grown to rely on her, and that they remain close even now. 

The video also said that Kim Tae Ri once disclosed about her habit of stealing from other people. Apparently, the actress stole a watch from a director in the past, who is now still clueless about his lost possession. 

Kim Tae Ri
Kim Tae Ri allegedly made controversial revelations about her past

Kim Tae Ri also acts arrogant and lacks humility, even saying that she disliked making public appearances since she was “too popular” and “would draw too much attention”, said the video. 

Previously, Kim Tae Ri was voted 2nd among actors with the worst manners in 2022 due to her “poor attitude” at the press conference for the movie “Alienoid”. Apparently, the actress was scribbling throughout the conference while answering questions. She was also said to be “severely suffering from the Na Hee Do disease”.

kim tae ri alienoid press conference
Reports criticized Kim Tae Ri for her alleged poor etiquette at a press conference 

Against these controversies, many people have expressed disbelief, with some defending Kim Tae Ri from the accusations, and claiming that she has a straight-forward personality that does not click well with reporters. 

Source: Kkamu Wiki

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