Lee Hyo-ri’s tearful farewell with her dog Soonsim on “Animal Farm”

Lee Hyo-ri remembered the happy moments with her dog Soonsim on “Animal Farm”.

The broadcast of “Animal Farm” aired on December 26th was a year-end special that showed heartbreaking farewell moments.

lee hyori

“Animal Farm” broadcast in May revealed the moment when singer Lee Hyo-ri said goodbye to Soonsim, the pet dog that she adopted 11 years ago from a shelter. Expressing her affection for the dog, Lee Hyo-ri said, “Soonsim’s face always headed to my direction, and she always looked at me”.

Lee Hyo-ri became a reliable family to the timid dog that had many fears, but after time passed, the cruel moment of a farewell finally came to them. Soonsim passed away in Lee Hyo-ri’s arms as if she were sleeping.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo-ri shed tears while saying, “I can’t forget the feel of touching her. I just want to pat Soonsim’s head and hug her”. The singer expressed her regret, saying, “Thinking of the numerous moments of love that we shared, that’s enough to make me feel sad and regretful. If I had said I loved her more, I think the farewell moment when I let her go would have been more beautiful.”

lee hyori


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