Hong Seok-cheon talked about how he suffered from malicious comments and DMs “Not everyone I’m close to is gay”

Hong Seok-cheon made a long post on his Instagram on March 8th.

Entertainer Hong Seok-cheon complained of the suffering he had to endure due to excessive malicious comments and messages. As a result, fellow celebrities and netizens are raising their voices of support.

Hong Seok-cheon
Entertainer Hong Seok-cheon 

The post included a conversation he had with netizen A after refusing to follow this person’s SNS account. A has been sending Hong Seok-cheon malicious messages, such as “Go to the abyss,” “You are a mythomaniac hypocrite not replying to my DMs despite having read all of them,” and “Outing (the act of telling others of a gay person’s sexual orientation before that person’s comeout).”

Hong Seok-cheon replied to A, “I think the “outing” of the deceased here refers to the late Kim In-hyuk, but I’ve never said In-hyuk is gay, and In-hyuk is not gay,” adding, “I don’t understand what’s the reason why you tell me to follow a cat, and I don’t remember.”

Hong Seok-cheon

The star previously appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Center” and he talked about his difficulties as the show’s cast member. Hong Seok-cheon said, “I have to live too. Counselor Oh Eun-young and other colleagues and juniors told me to quit the show now and take care of myself first. Even though I said I would quit the show, more and more people are texting me for counseling and advice and if I don’t reply they complain that I am hypocritical or it is just my broadcast image. Why should I answer everyone’s texts, be nice to everyone, and receive malicious comments and intimidating texts again?”

In addition, regarding the misunderstanding surrounding the late professional volleyball player Kim In-hyuk, he said, “I can’t tell you some facts that I know, and I can only express my sadness and regret as a senior who couldn’t protect his hurt dongsaeng. I’m saying this because there are many people who misunderstand In-hyuk, so please don’t made malicious comments again. Not everyone is homosexual just because they are close to me, but they are attacked by such misunderstandings,” he said, expressing his heartbreaking feelings.

Hong Seok-cheon

Fellow entertainer Ahn Sun-young, who saw this, said, “Don’t read personal DMs,” Kim Young-hee said, “You’re such a good person,” and Kim Sang-hyuk said, “Live your own life instead of ruining others’ lives by false information. Cheer up,” Kang Ye-bin raised her voice of support, saying, “It breaks my heart.”

Netizens also said, “It breaks my heart,” and “Celebrities are no different from us, I don’t know why they’re doing this. I’m ashamed,” “They’re such bad people. I hope you don’t get hurt.”

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