Hong Seok-cheon call malicious commenters murderers after the death of professional volleyball player Kim In-hyuk

Entertainer Hong Seok-cheon expressed anger at the haters while mourning the death of the late professional volleyball player Kim In-hyuk.

On February 7th, Hong Seok-cheon made a long post on his Instagram. It was a warning to malicious commenters.

Previously, Hong Seok-cheon delivered a message mourning Kim In-hyuk on February 6th. Posting a scene from the movie “Green Book,” he said, “Where is the level of awareness of our discrimination and human rights?”

Some netizens left malicious comments saying that this post insulted the deceased.

Hong Seok-cheon said, “Do you haters have no literacy? What kind of outing is it and what kind of insults is it?” 

He then pointed out, “I’m talking about In-hyuk’s pain of having to endure all kinds of malicious comments and stress because the way he expressed himself was slightly different from that of other male volleyball players. Now you guys are even attacking me.”

Kim In-hyuk Hong Seok-cheon

He also added, “I have endured numerous malicious comments for 22 years since I made the decision on coming out, but now there is something I want to say. You guys are murderers”.

Hong Seok-cheon continued to give warnings. He said, “Stop making the deceased and his family suffer more. I’m warning you guys. If you don’t know what In-hyuk had been through or how hard it had been for him, just shut up.”

Meanwhile, Kim In-hyuk was found dead at home on February 4th. The deceased once confessed about the pain he had suffered from malicious comments on his Instagram.

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