BTS members’ reactions to Jungkook’s boxing video attracted fans’ attention

After BTS Jungkook uploaded a boxing video that is full of his charisma on SNS, his members gave explosive responses.

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On January 11th, Jungkook (26 years old) posted a video on his Instagram and wrote, “It’s so difficult”. In the video, Jungkook wore a black sleeveless shirt and shorts. He was sweating while doing boxing passionately.

BTS members were also surprised to see their cute maknae Jungkook, who was usually called “little boy”, reveal his manly side.

After seeing Jungkook’s powerful punches, leader RM (29 years old) left a comment, saying, “Jungkook ah, first of all, it’s my fault…”, making everyone laugh. 

RM reacted as if he were terrified when he saw Jungkook’s excellent boxing skills, drawing laughter from fans. Jungkook also responded to RM’s prank, saying “What?”, boasting their extraordinary chemistry.

V said “You did it so well”, admiring Jungkook’s boxing skills. J-Hope also commented, showing his interest in the sound of Jungkook’s punches in the video.

Jungkook, who started learning boxing in 2019, has posted boxing videos ever since he still used BTS’s official account. He drew attention by showing off his aspect as a “boxing genius” with strong punches and flexible movements.

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